Love Aaj and Kal

Edited by:- Chandra Shekhar Kushwaha

In the time when all we had was newspapers, letters and messengers to keep in touch, you had to adhere to limiting your lifestyle and right to choose a life partner or even love someone, to a boundary made by orthodox societies and ruthless norms among which somewhere a tiny dot you lived. Not always within every such area does a lonely heart find the love it longs for. Many were and still are forced into marriage without love and even after they have tried and failed with their relationships they cannot afford to call it off. They’re hit by the expenditures occurred in the marriage, the cultural and religious dogma and to add to that, the expectations of their parents and hundreds of relatives have from them. Do you think those women those days could think of their husbands on hearing love songs or sing those songs with love for them or even fantasize about being with someone they did not love? Those women were people not allowed to speak to guests and other men in front of their husbands. I don’t mean to infer olden India was loveless, though I say love is when the heart says it is. Love deserves freedom to choose. To be cheated on after you took the risk to be with someone, could be bad luck.

To talk about relationships these days, you might even say ‘contemporary love’, one can be cheated on online or offline, in a city or in a village, due to deaths or changes in circumstances. The internet is where you get to cross your limits and expand your horizon. If formal meetings have turned to cell phone conference calls, flying kites to video games, interviews to video calls, window shopping to online shopping, uploads, downloads, status, job, info, photo sharing, liking, commenting, and the whole world in online, Do you think people can avoid falling in love online? Long distance relationships is not a new concept, it is something that has been happening since husbands left their wives home and went to work in a different city, since our brave soldiers left their sweethearts and wives and went to live at the border and only communicated through letters. It’s much different now, the world you can say is much smaller, and distance is not a barrier to start a relationship with a faraway person. Be it touch and feel love or cyber love, love is love and if it’s not true it will not last.

3 thoughts on “Love Aaj and Kal”

  1. Well one can be infatuated, attracted online but the strengthening factor is physical rendezvous. Once it is strengthened , social or whichever media helps to continue (with efforts from both the parties) the relationship.. Online media is just a copy of reality and not exactly reality..

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