A review for my book “Facebook Pyar” I cannot help reading again and again.

Himanshoo Satender Singh – July 8, 2013:

Facebook Pyar: the lingering flavour of sweet, innocent love!

Here’s a love story that transcends not only distance, cultures and religions, but also the more directly complex concerns of personal and domestic turmoil (the author deserves a pat on the back for the way her characters handle the personal issues – mature, with a why-cry-over-spilt-milk, matter of fact attitude).

The protagonists, young-college-goers Prateek and Gunjan, living miles apart are involved in an ‘online affair’. Their diverse religious, social and economic backgrounds, along with well-caricatured support characters complete the necessary ingredients for an intriguing romantic story. Prateek, who lives in Patna, comes from a lower middle class family and has to take up part-time jobs to support his expenses. Gunjan lives in Hyderabad with her single mother and little sister.

Throughout the story you carry the butterflies, encountering the jerks and bends in the plot, awaiting that final twist which will prevent the budding affair from blossoming. The author adeptly keeps the suspense alive along with the romance.

Wonderfully scripted, good characterisations (you can almost feel the actors alive), and fast paced – this is one short story you wished was more detailed and, thus, lasted longer. The narration and language is easy. The tech-savvy generation can connect with the SMS lingo used often during the online conversations.

Recommended, with a line borrowed from this adventure: ‘Love is like bungee jumping with no strings attached’.

Kudos to the author, Arti Arlene Martyris, for coming up with a contemporary, yet mature, love story.

Source: Indireads.
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