Top HR Practices You Should Follow in 2018

Top HR Practices You Should Follow in 2018

In today’s competitive world of increasing globalization, technological challenges, organizational alliances, structural changes and hierarchies, we understand the pressures that employees are put under, specially when HR professionals have to prioritize during interview of candidates and the selection process according to their capabilities, characteristics and skills, in comparison to hundreds of others who are equally qualified and require employment. Human resource professionals have always been playing a greater role then they had been earlier. They always have more to do as they are expected of, by their respective organizations. The human resource team work as the arms of the organization. Read More..

I am cinderella, a lonely little one.

I am Cinderella, a lonely little one.

I do not enjoy anything, I’m sad enough not to, and my dearest ones make sure it stays this way.

The Sun in winter allows a reason to smile, but I have scars from lashes that I must hide underneath my gown.

I am Cinderella, a lonely little one, and lonelier than me is my time all day. For I mend what I break, and cry in vain.

And worse is yet to come, I keep eyes watchful while my horse awaits a chance to be ridden. I fear though that freedom in escaping alone.

What I’m expecting is but obvious to them cruel. A fantastic story that has a happy ending, while running away plays a part cowardice to it.

A story surprising, unexpected, and welcome. This story in me, the way it has always been. Though intriguing, yet not cared for to be shown.

A pebble in your shoe you call me. Excuse me, but I come in peace. I know your bread is most delicious, but you forget you owe me every single slice of it.

Arti Arlene Martyris

Love is seasons

Love is seasons

Don’t stare at the mirror with disdain
Love is always known from pain
Life made better with a precious stain
Something that stays of whatever remains

If purity was hidden somewhere in white smoke
Mercy would find us every time that I spoke
Flowers like grass won’t grow inside you
You pluck only one and ‘hurt’ will find you

And mistakes you will make a thousand
No matter even steps of caution
But care not where it darts
For Love is seasons, it ends and starts.

Arti Arlene Martyris

5 Primary Requisites To Look For In Your Spouse To-Be

Once you have decided that it is time you get married and settle down, the first question that comes to your mind is, ‘With whom?’ You have saved up a specific amount of money only to spend for the ceremony and the guests, your parents don’t mind you have decided to move on. Next is finding that person you would love to live with after marriage. Coming up are five primary requisites to look for in your spouse to-be:

1. Maturity: – Maturity is the basic thing you must look out for in your spouse to-be. You don’t want to get married to someone who finds it difficult to cope with day to day problems in a sensible way. He/she must be mature enough to understand you and your feelings. He/she must know how to deal with guests and neighbors in a respectable manner. If he/she embarrasses you in person or public do not compromise.

2. Character: – How faithful is this person you want to marry? Ask this question to yourself. Take your secret tests to find out. There is no harm in trying to prevent falling into the frying pan into the fire, because once you have married this person and he/she is found flirting with a random person on the internet or going out with your friends without your knowledge, it will be difficult for you both to spend another together.

3. Generosity: A noble person is always a better choice. Kindness is what is taught in schools to children so that they take it until death. Kindness represents a good natured person. Your spouse to-be has to be kind and generous in his/her dealing with your future children, the pets you may want to keep or already have and Of course, you. An angry person cannot keep things together.

4. Responsible: – If you’re a woman, this is the first requisite you will look for in your spouse to-be, but even if you’re a man you will want to marry a woman you can rely on. A person who is good at lying to you, making excuses and laughing serious topics off, is not someone a good choice to marry. It’s your life you have to spend with him/her and because you cannot tolerate irresponsibility, your marriage won’t last.

5. Attention-grabbing: – You definitely do not want a joker all along with you, but a little bit of humor is always welcome. Look around yourself, you find people you know who are extremely boring and people you like to talk to. Your spouse to-be has to be someone you like talking to, spending your free time with. He/She needs to possess the ability to grab your attention when he/she is around. His/her interests should match yours.

Marriage is serious business and we don’t want to make the wrong decisions here. The above points are the basics that your spouse to-be has to have for a successful married life, only then let looks, complexion, religion, etc come for you to select a spouse.


Love Aaj and Kal

Edited by:- Chandra Shekhar Kushwaha

In the time when all we had was newspapers, letters and messengers to keep in touch, you had to adhere to limiting your lifestyle and right to choose a life partner or even love someone, to a boundary made by orthodox societies and ruthless norms among which somewhere a tiny dot you lived. Not always within every such area does a lonely heart find the love it longs for. Many were and still are forced into marriage without love and even after they have tried and failed with their relationships they cannot afford to call it off. They’re hit by the expenditures occurred in the marriage, the cultural and religious dogma and to add to that, the expectations of their parents and hundreds of relatives have from them. Do you think those women those days could think of their husbands on hearing love songs or sing those songs with love for them or even fantasize about being with someone they did not love? Those women were people not allowed to speak to guests and other men in front of their husbands. I don’t mean to infer olden India was loveless, though I say love is when the heart says it is. Love deserves freedom to choose. To be cheated on after you took the risk to be with someone, could be bad luck.

To talk about relationships these days, you might even say ‘contemporary love’, one can be cheated on online or offline, in a city or in a village, due to deaths or changes in circumstances. The internet is where you get to cross your limits and expand your horizon. If formal meetings have turned to cell phone conference calls, flying kites to video games, interviews to video calls, window shopping to online shopping, uploads, downloads, status, job, info, photo sharing, liking, commenting, and the whole world in online, Do you think people can avoid falling in love online? Long distance relationships is not a new concept, it is something that has been happening since husbands left their wives home and went to work in a different city, since our brave soldiers left their sweethearts and wives and went to live at the border and only communicated through letters. It’s much different now, the world you can say is much smaller, and distance is not a barrier to start a relationship with a faraway person. Be it touch and feel love or cyber love, love is love and if it’s not true it will not last.

A review for my book “Facebook Pyar” I cannot help reading again and again.

Himanshoo Satender Singh – July 8, 2013:

Facebook Pyar: the lingering flavour of sweet, innocent love!

Here’s a love story that transcends not only distance, cultures and religions, but also the more directly complex concerns of personal and domestic turmoil (the author deserves a pat on the back for the way her characters handle the personal issues – mature, with a why-cry-over-spilt-milk, matter of fact attitude).

The protagonists, young-college-goers Prateek and Gunjan, living miles apart are involved in an ‘online affair’. Their diverse religious, social and economic backgrounds, along with well-caricatured support characters complete the necessary ingredients for an intriguing romantic story. Prateek, who lives in Patna, comes from a lower middle class family and has to take up part-time jobs to support his expenses. Gunjan lives in Hyderabad with her single mother and little sister.

Throughout the story you carry the butterflies, encountering the jerks and bends in the plot, awaiting that final twist which will prevent the budding affair from blossoming. The author adeptly keeps the suspense alive along with the romance.

Wonderfully scripted, good characterisations (you can almost feel the actors alive), and fast paced – this is one short story you wished was more detailed and, thus, lasted longer. The narration and language is easy. The tech-savvy generation can connect with the SMS lingo used often during the online conversations.

Recommended, with a line borrowed from this adventure: ‘Love is like bungee jumping with no strings attached’.

Kudos to the author, Arti Arlene Martyris, for coming up with a contemporary, yet mature, love story.

Source: Indireads.
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Freedom, in a way.

Freedom, in a way.

I wonder, while I wander about the silent woods
as I pass by tall trees as if staring at me from above,
about why is it that us humans lack patience
and though have ample time to think and decide, always find the scarcity of it.

I wonder if I am only human or something more.
Something what technology has made me,
a lot different from what I used to be
and not the simplest thought of mine would regret my transformation.

Like the stars up shining eternally,
I wonder why I can’t stay the same,
though a billion years old why can’t I too live to the fullest
and not cry or break down when my feelings are hurt.

I wonder why can’t I turn into a stone
and yet be soft as rose petals and desired like diamonds.
Alone in this world full of distractions
I try to concentrate on a lonely little me but to no avail, I give-up and walk away.

All the way to the edge of a cul-de-sac.
I find myself walking and staring down a cliff
as if in a state of reverie which only I notice I am in,
I stand and feel the wind, feeling vulnerable and lost.

I die everyday but today I find I cannot do it any longer
And a halt had to find my life.
I have to stop wondering and wandering and find myself for me to keep in times of need,
I found out I have to make sense.

Now after I have walked off this cliff
I am falling, Oh what have I done!
cutting against layers of air, warm to cold
all the way down to somewhere I have never been.

Falling, falling, falling yet rising inside,
I find a reason to smile
and breathing freedom,
I feel lost to the world, for a while I am a bird.

You would say I have killed myself,
surely you don’t know in what way I’m saved.
And that I am free of a piercing solitude,
I wonder if I could feel like this again and again and again.

Arti Arlene Martyris

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